Guests are arriving, seats are filling up and an air of anticipation and excitement ripples through the church. Friends and relations turn their heads to see who's arrived and what they're wearing. Irish airs, hymns & relaxing melodies will create just the right atmosphere ...

Listed below are the sections in the Ceremony where music can be played ... Most of the Mp3 samples feature our Keyboards player John O' Neill even "Haste to the Wedding" which sounds like a authentic Irish Harp but it's actually John on Keyboards ...

To listen to the MP3 Samples - Please click on the links below.

Bridal Procession / Entrance

The steady and measured pace of the Bridal Procession requires a very special and joyful piece of music to enhance this wonderful and emotional moment. "She moved through the Fair", Pachelbel's "Canon" and Enya's "Watermark" are popular pieces ...
Down By The Sally Gardens by Celticbreeze
She Moved Through The Fair (Version 1) by Celticbreeze
She Moved Through The Fair (Version 2) by Celticbreeze
Canon by Celticbreeze
Watermark (Enya) by Celticbreeze

Lighting of Two Candles

A very short piece is required here, "Forrest Suite" is ideal as is "Dawning of the day" AKA "Raglan Road" ...
Mna na hEireann by Celticbreeze
Forrest Suite by Celticbreeze
Raglin Road by Celticbreeze

The Psalm

Psalm 23 "The Lord is my Shepherd" is a well known Psalm ...
The Lord Is My Shepherd by Celticbreeze

Gospel Acclamation

The "Alleluia" spoken by the Priest or sung by Michael ...
Halleluia by Celticbreeze

Lighting Marraige Candle

Sean O'Riada's beautiful melody "Mna na hEireann" is ideal. Alternatively ... "Carrickfergus" or "Red is the Rose" ...
Red Is The Rose by Celticbreeze
Theme From Braveheart by Celticbreeze
Gabriel's Oboe by Celticbreeze

Offertory Procession

The Offertory requires music that has some religious significance. The beautiful Sean O'Riada composition "Ag Criost an tSiol", is one of Ireland's best loved Hymns and is ideally suited to this part of the ceremony...featuring John O'Neill on Keyboards and Padhraic on Tin Whistle ...
Ag Criost an tSiol by Celticbreeze

Sign of Peace

"Tabhair Dom Do Lamh" is particularly appropriate for the Sign of Peace. Another popular choice is "Shamrock Shore"
Tabhair Dom Do Lamh by Celticbreeze
Shamrock Shore by Celticbreeze
Songbird by Celticbreeze


The Communion requires at least two slow pieces and there are lots to choose from. "Lagan Love", "She moved through the Fair", " Here I am Lord" or "Make me a channel of your peace" are but a few ...
She Moved Through The Fair by Celticbreeze
Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace by Celticbreeze
Lagan Love by Celticbreeze

Signing of the register

This part of the ceremony may require several tunes, depending upon how many photos the Photographer decides to take inside the church..."Riverdance Theme" is a beautiful piece which is suitable here as is Johnny Duhan's composition "The Voyage" ...
Riverdance Theme by Celticbreeze
Riverdance Theme (Guitar/Violin) by Celticbreeze
The Marino Waltz by Celticbreeze

Recessional Exit

Carolan's Draught, a joyful piece with a classical feel is a great favourite for the Recessional Exit or some couples opt for a Jig such as "Haste to the Wedding" or "The Irish Washerwoman" ...
The Irish Washerwoman by Celticbreeze
Haste To The Wedding by Celticbreeze
Haste To The Wedding (Guitar/violin) by Celticbreeze
The Marino Waltz by Celticbreeze
Kesh Jig by Celticbreeze

The Drinks Reception

The Church ceremony is over, lots of photos have been taken and at this stage of the proceedings everybody has got just one thing on their mind ... ... "Let's get the party started" ...

The cheerful toe-tapping sounds of Jigs, Reels and Irish Ballads welcoming your guests upon arrival at the reception venue will create a magical atmosphere where friends and family can chill out, mingle and chat comfortably while Celticbreeze play in the background ...

At the Drinks reception we pay careful attention to providing an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation. Amplification is kept to a minimum ...

Please click on the links below to listen to some typical Drinks reception tunes. "The Irish Washerwoman" and "Three Polkas" feature 4 musicians - Padhraic on Banjo/Tin Whistle, Sharon on Fiddle, Michael on Guitar and a fourth musician on Button Accordion (optional - subject to availability) ...

The Irish Washerwoman by Celticbreeze

Three Polkas by Celticbreeze

Technical Note:

Celticbreeze use a State of the Art PA system to ensure a consistent top quality sound for your Wedding.
Equipment includes: Electro-voice SX300 speakers, Crown 1400w Amp, Shure SM57 & SM58 Microphones and Soundcraft mixing desk. We play at a comfortable level - we are never too loud.

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